Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy
The aim of yoga therapy is to restore balance, strength and vitality at a physical, mental and emotional level.
When our balance is disturbed by illness yoga can help restore it, or to manage the illness.
The initial consultation will review medical and personal history and lifestyle. We review your short and long term goals so that we can take steps towards this. The sessions and practices given may incorporate movement, breathing, mindful awareness, relaxation, diet and lifestyle. A  programme is tailored to your needs that you can follow at home to maximise your progress. Follow-up sessions review and develop the program working towards your wholeness, health and vitality on all levels.

Integrated Yoga Therapy (one to one)
£60.00 1.5 hours / first session
£50.00 1.25 hours / subsequent sessions

The NHS directory on complementary practitioners states:
“Research trials show that yoga therapy practices are among the most effective known methods for managing the psychosomatic, stress-related conditions, which are so common today. This is because they bridge the gap between body and mind, ranging across the whole spectrum from physical to mental. Conditions treated include asthma and COPD, hypertension and heart conditions, back pain, arthritis, hyperacidity, irritable bowel syndrome, diabetes, migraine and headaches, multiple sclerosis, and cancer (coping with chemotherapy and radiotherapy, rehabilitation from surgery, and reducing anxiety)”.

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