About Yoga

Yoga is an ancient scientific practice that promotes physical and mental well being. It encourages us to reach our potential and gives us opportunities for spiritual and personal growth. As it continues to evolve it provides tried and tested techniques and understanding which are a valuable resource to us in our fast paced modern life.
The aim of yoga is to purify the body to clear the mind helping us to be in a better balanced state where we can live life more consciously. It works from the understanding that there is a connection between the body, breath, mind and emotions. So that we can work though the body and breath to calm the mind and heal the emotions as well as using meditation to have a positive effect from the inside out. Eventually, we become more refined and do everything with more awareness and discernment.
Yoga encourages us to reflect more, connect to ourselves and open our hearts. This doesn’t stop life from happening, but gives us an essential steadiness – a place of peace, clarity and understanding from which we can engage and respond and not react out of habit and our conditioning. We can then meet challenges of our modern daily life with greater ease and equanimity.
Because yoga recognises the mind-body connection, when it comes to the yoga postures it is not just about the external appearance of the final posture, but our inner integration. We reintegrate ourselves as a whole being.
Vanda Scaravelli taught us to undo tension and be attentive and kind to our body. ‘Do not kill the instinct of the body for the glory of the pose’. Vanda Scaravelli
We are encouraged to cultivate the Buddhist ‘beginner’s mind’ and to be present to our experience in each moment. Here we can connect to the innate intelligence of the body, explore our relationship to the earth and gravity and to the sky and space around us. By finding a place where the body can find alignment through its structure, we can connect at once to a quiet in the body and mind where we can find rest and a natural life force and effervescence that comes from being in balance.
My aim in teaching is to help others find an attentive awareness in their practice. Eventually we learn to trust ourselves and can take a more intuitive approach to our life which becomes one of kindness, compassion and empowerment.

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