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  Julie Stannard

julie-stannard-practitioner-crowboroughHi, I’m Julie, I began yoga and meditation in my teens when I was searching for who I was and a meaningful life. Yoga suited my love of moving and exploring what I could do with my body and also opened a door to my spiritual self that was deeply nourishing and rewarding. To develop my spiritual understanding I went on to take a degree in Religious Studies and Philosophy.

Later, the stresses of a busy career and young family drew me back to yoga and the relief and upliftment in my life was huge and immediate. I decided to train as a teacher to share this gift with others.

I have worked with and explored many teachers and approaches and have found a special connection with the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli. I love the sense of pure presence and quality of attention that she encourages us to bring to our lives. She was a dear friend of Krishnamurti who teaches us that we can wake-up in a moment!

My additional training as a Yoga therapist and mindfulness teacher enables me to draw on the skills and knowledge of these complementary sciences of Yoga, Ayurveda and Mindfulness in all aspects of my work.

I am committed to helping young people and am also a trained children’s yoga and mindfulness teacher. I am co-founder of the mindfulesstoolkit.com which provides young people with resources to manage stress and the difficulties they may face as they move through their teens and into adulthood.

My interest is about living a life that is balanced, happy and conscious. Mindfulness and yoga support and teach us how to be present in each moment of our lives so as not to cheat ourselves of the present by being caught up in thoughts about our past or future. In accepting and allowing we find a place where life becomes calmer, clearer and where we are more able to cope with difficulties by developing our ability to watch events and our response to them unfold.

I have found resonance with these wonderful teachings and I continue to integrate them so that I can teach them in a way that has informed my own practice and life, so that the teachings are imparted to others in a way that is alive and authentic when I share them with you.


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